FlexKrete- A Unique Concrete Repair Product

FlexKrete is an advanced, thermoset vinyl polymer, formulated for early high strength and quick set times. It can normally be opened to traffic in an hour or less, and with the FlexTemp additive, within fifteen minutes. FlexKrete can be used in cold weather and freezer rooms, down to 00 F, and still receive traffic after 1-3 hours. Thick cross sections, as well as thin spall areas, are repaired with FlexKrete, and it's adhesion is greater than the strength of concrete. FlexKrete is mixed with 3-4 parts sand and/or aggregate. One 5 gallon pail yields approximately 20 gallons of mixed material, or, about 3.3 cubic feet. www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhdTmQ16Mqg

SureCrete Deep Level Patch

Deep Level is a single component, just add water, cement based chemical patching compound patching system providing a patch that goes from 1/8" and up. Deep Level offers superior bonding power to patch larger spalls in concrete floors, build ramps, repair loading docks, and parking lot pavement. The silicate aggregate size will eliminate the usual shrink cracks associated with topping mixes used for repairs.

SureCrete Flash Patch

Flash Patch is a single component, add water only, cement based chemical patching compound sytem providing a workable, no slump patch that sets quickly for quicker return to service.

Mapei Mapecem Quick Patch

Mapecem Quick Patch is versatile, fast setting, cementitious material used for patching interior/ exterior concrete surfaces including concrete floors, driveways, sidewalks, and concrete pads. Mapecem Quickpatch features extraordinary ease of placement with a variable water-cement ratio and outstanding workablility. Light gray Mapecem Quickpatch can be applied from featheredge to 3" for ramping or filling.

Mapei Planitop X

Planitop X is a single component, fiber reinforced, shrinkage compensated, fast setting, polymer modified, high build cementitious repair mortar with a corrosion inhibitor. It is suited for all interior/ exterior vertical, overhead, and horizontal concrete applications including precast/ prestressed, tilt up, post tensioned, and cast-in-place concrete. Planitop X can be applied in thicknesses of featheredge to 4" per lift.