Butterfield Color T1000TM Fine Overlay

T1000TM Fine Overlay is a polymer modified, cementitious topping designed for resurfacing and texturing stable, non moving concrete floors, walls and hardscapes. T1000TM Fine Overlay may be applied with a splatter brush or hopper gun for a sprayable application. T1000TM Fine Overlay may be applied vertically or horizontally over stencils or without stencils. Application thickness ranges from 1/16" to a maximum of 3/16".

Butterfield Color T1000TM Stampable Overlay

T1000TM Stampable Overlay is a polymer modified, cementitious material designed for resurfacing and texturing, stable, non-moving concrete floors and hardscapes. Application thickness ranges from 1/8" to a maximum of 1/2". One bag of T1000TM Stampable Overlay will cover approximately 24SF @ 1/4". T1000TM Stampable Overlay is available in gray and white cement. Both can be used in conjunction with Uni-MixR Color Packs to achieve a multitude of colors. Color packs are available in all Uni-MixR integral colors and are designed for use with one bag of overlay. (The white may be used to achieve more vibrant color variations.) With over 30 stamp patterns to choose from you can transform any ordinary concrete surface into a beautiful stamped surface.

Miracote MPC (Multipurpose Protective Coating)

MPC is a high-performance, liquid polymer catalyst, cementitious resurfacing product. This system is highly flexible, traffic grade, resistant to UV degradation, and has a UL 790 Class A fire resistant rating. It is applied in two applications with brush, roller, trowel, squeegee, or sprayer. MPC is resistant to de-icing salts, waterborne chlorides and scaling from freeze-thaw conditions. It is ideally suited for interior and exterior resurfacing of concrete, concrete block, and masonry. Available in natural gray or white with 18 available integral color packs.

SureCrete SureStamp

SureStamp is a stampable cementitious topping for beautifying both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. When stamped, it creates a texture that can resemble a whole array of stamp designs: tile, cut stone, slate, brick, cobblestone, etc. SureStamp offers restoration, repair, resurfacing, architectural accenting, and surface protection of existing concrete. SureStamp is a single component, just add water, cement based, polymer modified overlay available in white with 30 available color packs.

SureCrete SureBroom

SureBroom is a trowelable or squeegee applied cementitious topping for leveling and retexturing both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. When broomed, it creates a texture that resembles freshly placed and broomed concrete. It is a single component, add water only, cement based, self-priming, polymer modified overlay material. Available in gray or white, and can be integrally colored with 30 available color packs. SureBroom-Projects.pdf SureCrete SureSpray SureSpray is a trowelable, squeegee applied, or spray applied cementitious topping for texturing both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. It is a single component, add water only mix, that is suitable for pool decks, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. SureSpray can also be used as a micro-topping spray in applications requiring a stainable surface for resurfacing old concrete.

Surecrete Micro Topping

Micro Topping is a extremely versatile and durable, single-component, cementitious topping for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Micro Topping is designed for horizontal surfaces, but may be used on vertical surfaces as well. Application is accomplished in layers with trowels or squeegees (two base coats and one finish coat). Micro topping creates an exceedingly smooth, tight-trowel finish. Available in gray or white and can be colored integrally with 30 available color packs.

SureCrete WallSpray

WallSpray is a trowelable or spray applied cementitious coating for texturing both interior and exterior surfaces. Typical areas include retaining walls, entry/ accent walls, columns, gable ends, fireplace accents, ICF, and other vertical surfaces. WallSpray is formulated to provide excellent bonding to new as well as existing concrete, concrete block, foam, drywall, plaster, plywood, and even painted surfaces. It can be applied in a knockdown, lace, bubble texture, plaster smooth, or sand finish. WallSpray is a single component, add water only, polymer modified, cement based coating that can be stained or integrally colored.

SureCrete WallStamp

WallStamp is a light weight trowelable single component cementitious overlay for texturing both interior and exterior vertical wall surfaces. When stamped the texture can resemble: cut stone, random stone, brick, slate, tile, and other naturally occurring products. Wall stamp can be stamped or textured and "cut" free-hand. It offers restoration, repair, resurfacing, and other architectural accenting of existing concrete walls.