Concrete Stains

Clemons Concrete Coatings – Acid Stain

Acid stains are reactive stains that physically color the concrete throught a chemical reaction of the active ingredients in the stain and the properties of the concrete.  Acid stains create a uniquely stained concrete surface by chemically reacting with the concrete.  The stain creates a mottled and varied appearance and provides unique character.  No two floors will look alike.

***Clemons Concrete Coatings:  This chart is a reference point for color.  Always perform a test area to determine how the stain will react.

Clemons Acid Stain Color Chart

SureCrete Eco-Stain

Eco-Stain is an exciting alternative to typical reactive acid stains. There are no acids or harmful chemicals integrated into its design. Since no chemical reaction takes place, there is no extended waiting time for color to reach full development. Cement substitutes will NOT affect color, unlike reactive stains that depend on alkalinity to create a chemical reaction. Eco-Stains in blues and greens will not spot black in the presence of moisture and are UV stable. Click on the following link to see the color chart.

Eco Stain Color Chart


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