Decorative Concrete Application Tools

CS Unitec

  • Eibenstock Electric Hand-Held Mixers
  • Mixing Paddles

CS Unitec Mixers Catalog

Quik Stir Cage Mixer

The Quik Stir Cage Mixer is unique in the field of mixing equipment. The action of this mixer pulls material down into the cage, out through the bottom of the mixer, and forces it to the bottom of the pail, up the sides, and then down again through the center of the pail and into the cage again. It allows you to mix in a 5, 6 or 7 gallon pail filled to within 2-3 inches of the top of the pail, without throwing mixed material or liquids over the sides of the pail. The shearing action of the cage breaks up all small clumps of cement, and the action of the mixer keeps all of the clumps coming back through the cage until the material is completely mixed and clump free. It is excellent for mixing all types of cementitious products that are trowelable, self leveling or sprayable. It is not recommended for vertical or overhead trowel grade products, or GFRC material, as it will break up the fiber bundles. It it recommended to use this cage mixer in a 450-500 rpm ½” heavy duty drill with an 8-10 amp motor and a side handle.

Midwest Rake

  • Gauge Rakes
  • Notched Squeegees
  • Squeegees
  • Magic Trowel
  • Smoother/Spreader
  • Rollers & Roller Covers
  • Spiked Rollers
  • Spiked Shoes
  • Mixing Barrels

Berkley Stock Tools Flyer
Concrete Coatings Catalog

Marion Brush Chameleon Single Brush System

Adjustable push-pull angled design uses sides of the bristle, not the ends to produce a superior brush finish. Five color-coded texturing brushes to choose from. Available in 4’, 6’, & 8’ lengths.


Marion Brush Auto Glide Finishing Brush

To be used with handles, automatically tilts on both push & pull passes. Prevents lifting the brush across your pour. Available in five color coded texturing brush inserts. Available in 4’, 6’, & 8’ lengths.


Marion Brush Chameleon Trac II

Handless concrete finishing system (rope brush). Is pulled from side to side with ropes (eliminating handle weight) to give you the most uniform textured finish on the market. Available in five color coded texturing brush inserts. Available in 4’, 6’, & 8’ lengths.

Kraft Tool Co.

We are now stocking a wide variety of concrete tools from Kraft. Kraft Tool Co. has been in business for 35 years and manufactures their tools in the United States of America.


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