Densifiers & Floor Hardeners

ChemTec One Densifier

The most advanced product of its kind available to protect and extend the life of interior and exterior concrete structures. It dust proofs and seals concrete while densifying the concrete surface, increasing compressive strength, and increasing abrasion resistance. ChemTec One is not a coating or topical sealer. It penetrates deep into the concrete surface and chemically reacts to fill in small cracks and pores to strengthen and protect the concrete from contaminants and the ravaging effects of de-icing salts. ChemTec One not only seals out liquids and solids, but it allows vapors to pass through so that the concrete can breathe, reducing the risk of future cracks.

SureCrete Design Products LD1800 Lithium Densifier

LD1800 is a Lithium Densifier that helps make concrete stronger and more durable, slows moisture migration and efflorescence.


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