Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Countertop Products

Nippon Electric Glass America Products

Nippon Electric AR Glass Fiber is a high quality alkali-resistant glass fiber containing a high percentage of Zirconia. They are available in 13 mm 19 mm sizes. Nippon Electric Polyplex Polymer is a specially formulated, all acrylic polymer emulsion, which can be used in GFRC mixes to eliminate the necessity of a full 7 day wet cure. Polyplex provides added workability to the GFRC mix, and particularly better adherence to vertical mold surfaces, eliminating sliding of the wet mix. It is suitable for use in both white and grey portland cement mixes. Polyplex does not yellow when weathered, and so it will not discolor panel finishes, as some acrylic polymers do. Nippon Electric Rolled AR Glass Fabric is available in 5mm x 5mm & 10mm x 10mm. Each roll measures 3′ x 300′. Vitro Minerals VCAS 160 Pozzolan is a new custom-engineered, high perfomance, supplementary cementing material for use in white portland cement, mortar, and concrete products. VCAS provides the following benefits in fresh concrete: improved workability, reduction in water requirements, reduction in plasticizer, reduced bleeding characteristics, and a reduction in aggregate segregation. VCAS provides the following benefits in hardened concrete: increased compressive strength, reduced permeability, and increased durability.


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