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Butterfield Color Perma-CastR Shake-on Color Hardener

Perma-CastR Shake-on Color Hardener is a dry shake, color hardener that is applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete. It is a cementitious-based coloring material that may be used to create abrasion resistant interior floors and freeze-thaw stable exterior hardscapes. The time tested formulation of Perma-CastR Shake-on Color Hardener creates an extremely dense surface that is resistant to foot and vehicular traffic, and extreme weather. It is available in a wide range of streak free, uniform colors ranging from subtle pastels to deep, rich hues. Click on the following link to see the color chart.

PermaCast Hardener Color Chart


Butterfield Color Perma-CastR Antiquing Release Agent

Perma-CastR Antiquing Release is a color powdered bond breaker used with stamping mats, texturing skins and texture rollers. It also provides accent colors that compliment or contrast with the underlying concrete surface. Additionally, it enhances the transfer of the detailed pattern and texture, and prolongs the surface life of the stamping mat or texturing tool. It is compatible with integrally colored concrete, color hardened concrete and stampable cementitious overlays. Click on the following link to see the color chart.

Release Color Chart


Butterfield Color Perma-TiqueTM

Perma-TiqueTM is a proprietary blend of powders. When Perma-TiqueTM is mixed with water and properly applied to a stamped concrete surface, it will imparta secondary color to the surface visually enhancing its texture. Perma-TiqueTM can be applied to hardened newly stamped concrete, unsealed existing stamped concrete, and T1000TM Stampable Overlay. Perma-TiqueTM is inventoried in 14 standard colors. Click on the following link to see the color chart.

Perma-Tique Color Chart


Butterfield Color Stamping Tools


Butterfield Color Stamping Accessories


Butterfield Color Form Liners

Proline Stamps

High grade urethane stamps that produce life-like stone and textures because they are hand crafted using actual stone. Click on the following link to view Proline Stamps.


Proline Seamless Skins

High grade urethane mats that are light and durable and create life-like textures. Click on the following link to view Proline Texture Mats.


Proline Stamp Accessories

Border art, texture strips, texture wheels, and shock resistant tampers.


Proline EZ-Tique

Cementitious antiquing product that is a versatile coloring agent that easily applies and will hold fast to any textured concrete surface. Click on the following link to see the color chart.

Liquid Antique Release

A bubble gum scented colorless liquid release agent formulated as a bond breaker between freshly poured concrete and decorative tools such as stamps and texture mats.

Artcrete Faux Brick Stencils

Faux brick stencils are plastic coated, 22 mil (1/32”) thick fiberboard with 21 patterns available in non-adhesive and adhesive forms. Click on this link below to see the available stencil patterns available.

Artcrete Stencil Patterns


Artcrete Faux Brick Texture Tools

Textured rollers available in various sizes for imprinting continuous texture in large and small areas without leaving footprints.


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