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SikaColor 200 Color Hardener

SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener is a dry shake, color hardener that is applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete. It is a cementitious-based coloring material that may be used to create abrasion resistant interior floors and freeze-thaw stable exterior hardscapes. The time-tested formulation of SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener creates an extremely dense surface that is resistant to foot and vehicular traffic, and extreme weather. It is available in a wide range of streak free, uniform colors ranging from subtle pastels to deep, rich hues. It is used to uniformly color gray concrete, or provide random accents of color on concrete integrally colored with SikaColor®-100 P Powder Integral Concrete Colorant, SikaColor®-120 G Granular Integral Concrete Colorant or SikaColor®-140 SG Powder Integral Concrete Colorant. SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener is also used when imprinting, texturing, or stenciling new concrete with SikaStamp® tools. SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener is a precise blend of cement, silica quartz aggregates, synthetic metal oxides, and plasticizer. SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener conforms to ASTM Standard C979 for color stability. The water-reducing wetting agent in SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener allows it to be readily incorporated into the concrete surface, forming a rich paste that makes finishing easier. In addition to strength and durability, the color hardened surface is resistant to fading. SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener adds a wide array of color options to your architectural designs and hardscape projects while providing an extremely durable surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener, used in conjunction with varying finishing techniques such as jointing schemes, saw cutting and/or pattern stamping, can create a striking effect. Combinations of colors can be used to create a desired mood and theme. SikaColor®-200 Color Hardener is an excellent choice for high traffic industrial flooring, since it greatly increases the strength and durability of the concrete surface. Using lighter colors will optimize lighting in an industrial environment.

SikaColor 200 Color Hardener Chart


SikaColor 300 Powder Stamp Release

SikaColor®-300 Antiquing Release and SikaColor®-340 SG Antiquing Release are colored powder bond breakers used with SikaStamp® tools. The products provide accent colors that complement or contrast with the underlying concrete surface. Additionally, they enhance the transfer of the detailed pattern and texture, and prolong the surface life of the stamping mat or texturing tool. They are compatible with integrally colored concrete and color hardened concrete. SikaColor®-300 Antiquing Release and SikaColor®-340 SG Antiquing Release are finely milled, streak free powders that are a blend of UV-resistant pigments and water repelling additives. Broadcast SikaColor®-300 Antiquing Release or SikaColor®-340 SG Antiquing Release over the concrete surface prior to placing the stamping or texturing tools. As the imprinting tool is pressed into the plastic concrete surface, a portion of the antiquing release is embedded into the textured surface of the concrete. When the tool is removed, it breaks cleanly, without marring the colored concrete surface. Upon washing and sealing, the difference in color between the base concrete and the release creates a visually attractive antiqued look on the concrete. The added color visually enhances the depth of the texture. The amount of release agent retained on the concrete will vary. Use a SikaColor®-300 Antiquing Release or SikaColor®-340 SG Antiquing Release color that matches or contrasts with the concrete color. Add a combination of colors to create interesting shading and highlights on the finished concrete surface.

SikaColor 300 Powder Release Color Chart


SikaColor 350 Antiquing Agent

SikaColor®-350 Antiquing Agent can be applied to unsealed hardened newly stamped concrete, unsealed existing stamped concrete and unsealed textured overlayments. When SikaColor®-350 Antiquing Agent is mixed with water and properly applied to a stamped concrete surface, it will impart a secondary color to the surface visually enhancing its appearance.

Formerly Known as Butterfield Color PermaTique

SikaColor 350 Antiquing Agent Color Chart


SikaStamp Concrete Stamping Tools

Sika Stamps are a key component of a system of matched concrete and overlayment pattern and texturing tools used to transform the surface of freshly placed architectural concrete into patterns and textures that mimic other building materials such as stone, slate, wood, or brick. Stamped concrete is both easier to install and more cost-effective than these other materials. They create natural appearing, low-maintenance, textured surfaces with the structural strength and wear-resistance of concrete in a wide variety of imprinted patterns.

Stamped concete should always be colored to achieve the most realistic appearance. Another option for adding texture to a concrete surface is to use a concrete surface retarder. The surface retarder is sprayed onto the surface of the freshly placed concrete, where it delays the set time of the surface paste. This allows the surface paste to be washed off later, revealing selected amounts of sand or aggregate on the surface. The final effect can be enhanced by adding Sika’s integral color into the concrete mix.


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